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Have you tried everything else? Have you been checked for…

Sub-lux-a-tion. This is the only word that accurately describes what a chiropractor addresses each time you visit. So what is it? A subluxation is defined as a misalignment of the vertebrae in your spine. Not just any misalignment- it is one that impairs your body’s ability to communicate effectively, thus resulting in distorted function.

Distorted function?
With respect to the nerves, this means that the conduction of mental impulses from the brain to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body is impaired and consequently, the parts do not work as they should. As a result many people experience these secondary conditions. These functions, controlled by your nervous system include circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems.
Okay, I’ve gone way too scientific for what I intended on accomplishing here.

Our sole purpose in this office is to find subluxations in the spine and adjust them to restore the proper nerve flow from the brain to all the parts of your body so they can work as well as they possibly can.

So next time you’re in the office I have a challenge for you. Instead of telling Jon where your back hurts, ask him to check your spine for subluxations. But be prepared for a shocked look on Jon’s face next time you come into the office.

Bottom line _____________________________
if there is a subluxation, there is an interference in your nervous system. As time goes on, with this subluxation, you will begin to notice signs such as pain. When the body is maintained free of subluxations, we have seen improvements with many secondary conditions.

When a subluxation is not corrected, your symptoms will be compounded, and function will continue to decrease. Remove the subluxation and allow your body do what is was designed to do…

Repair, rebuild, and HEAL

So next time you’re in the office, check out Jon’s shocked face when you ask him to check your spine for subluxations. Trust me, your body will thank you.

See you in the office!

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